The dental teams in Lilongwe and Blantyre

Jeremy Bagg’s first two days in Malawi in September 2017 were spent meeting dental colleagues in the dental centres at Lilongwe’s Kamuzu Central Hospital and Blantyre’s Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. In addition to viewing the clinical facilities there were extensive discussions about the opportunities and challenges that the staff face and many more general issues relevant to oral health in Malawi.  These visits were exceptionally valuable from an early networking perspective but also as a scoping exercise in relation to delivery of a Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme at the College of Medicine.

13 Oct 2017 162
(L. to R.) Jeremy Bagg, Jessie Mlotha-Namarika (Head of the Dental Department at Kamuzu Central Hospital) and Mwapatsa Mipando


13 Oct 2017 207
Meeting Suwedi Sumani and colleagues at The Dental Department, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre


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