Preparing our application – success could make a massive difference!

Preparing the grant application to the Scottish Government Malawi Development Programmes Funding Round was hard work but it was a team effort and there was great support from multiple sources. The preparation of the Log Frame was a particular challenge and we were especially lucky that Jerome Galagade, M&E Officer for the University of Malawi College of Medicine, was on the team! Letters of support and Memoranda of Understanding were collated from partners and the budget projections were completed as the final step. The application was submitted just before the deadline of 12 noon on Friday 11 May 2018.

As anyone who has done it will know, there is little of general interest or excitement to convey in a blog about preparing a grant application! However, it provides us with an opportunity to record our thanks to the Corra Foundation (, which managed the funding round on behalf of the Scottish Government. At all stages of the process the staff of the Corra Foundation were extremely helpful in providing clarification where necessary and answering queries swiftly and effectively. The friendly advice and support we received from Callum Aitken and Kirsty Norris were exceptional – many thanks!

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Once the application was submitted, it was a waiting game until July, when the list of successful applicants would be announced…


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