Thanks for log frame support from the Corra Foundation

I mentioned in an earlier post how helpful and efficient the Corra Foundation ( had been during the Scottish Government Malawi Funding Round 2018. Queries were answered swiftly and always in a very helpful and friendly manner.

One of the more challenging aspects of the submission was constructing the log-frame. This type of tool, for measuring progress of a project against pre-determined milestones, is used widely in the management of international development projects.  The following WHO slide provides a useful summary of the value of a log-frame:

WHO log frame slide

The terms ‘Impact’, ‘Outcomes’ and ‘Outputs’ all have very specific connotations, requiring a disciplined application and particular mind set, which requires practice! Whilst the log frame we submitted with the grant application was adequate, there was room for improvement and in the MalDent Project grant award letter there was a condition that we re-visit the log-frame within the first six months of the project. The Corra Foundation kindly offered to help with this review and once again has provided exceptional guidance and support.

The offices of the CORRA Foundation are in Riverside House on Gorgie Road in Edinburgh, about a 30 minute walk from Haymarket Station.

502 Riverside House

On 6th November I visited the office for a meeting with Chrissie Hirst, who spent 90 minutes delivering a master class in the art of log-frames. As a newcomer to the discipline I fear that I was a rather hapless pupil, but by the end of our meeting I felt equipped to develop a further draft based on Chrissie’s expert advice.

Following many deletions and amendments, together with prolific use of a green highlighter, Chrissie directed me towards a re-drafted log-frame

The new draft, once approved by all stakeholders, will act as the blueprint against which our progress with the MalDent Project will be assessed at regular intervals over the lifetime of the grant.

Many thanks to the Corra Foundation, and to Chrissie in particular, for this very valuable input. The phrase below was on the wall of the room in which we were working – let’s hope the MalDent Project manages to do just that.

Making lasting change

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