Inaugural meeting marks the beginning of the student hub / dental teaching facility design programme for CoM

As reported in an earlier post, the contract to design the new student hub and clinical dental teaching facility at the University of Malawi College of Medicine Blantyre campus was awarded to a consortium led by John McAslan + Partners.

The first meeting of the project team was held on Friday 17th July by Zoom.

First John McAslan meeting screen shot
Project team members from the John McAslan + Partners design consortium, University of Malawi College of Medicine and the University of Glasgow, after the first successful meeting

This initial meeting, chaired by Paul East, established administrative, working and communication methods.

A variety of surveys are required in the early stages of the programme. Quotations for a topographical survey and geotechnical site investigations are currently awaited and a number of other items of information are being sought, as outlined in the following screenshot.

2020-07-17 (4)
Work has begun on the surveys required for the design project

It was exciting to see a plan of the College of Medicine site with a cross hatched area which identifies where the new building is to be sited – suddenly this part of the project is coming alive!

CoM plan
Exciting to see the site of the planned new building (arrowed) on the campus plan

Lines of external communication have been set up through John McAslan + Partners, the University of Malawi College of Medicine Communications Team and the University of Glasgow Communications Office. An initial press release has been drafted for distribution to media outlets in Malawi and Scotland.

Weekly meetings will be scheduled for the foreseeable future as the work to develop the design brief and the subsequent stages of the project progress. We will keep readers updated!

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