The MalDent Project is cited in a recent FDI World Dental Federation report

The MalDent Project has recently been cited as a case study in a new report from the FDI World Dental Federation.

The FDI World Dental Federation is an international, membership-based organization that was founded in 1900. It acts as a representative body for over one million dentists worldwide, and is involved with around 200 national dental associations and specialist groups in close to 130 countries. The organisation is based in Geneva, Switzerland, from where it pursues its mission to lead the world to optimal oral health.

The report in question is entitled Vision 2030: Delivering Optimal Oral Health for All’. The document was published on 18th January 2021, to coincide with the 148th session of the World Health Organisation Executive Board, where an oral health resolution was on the agenda for adoption by governments.

The membership of the Vision 2030 Working Group was as follows: Michael Glick (Co-Chair), David M. Williams (Co-Chair), Ihsane Ben Yahya, William W. M. Cheung, Enzo Bondioni, Pam Clark, Stefan Listl, Manu Raj Mathur, Peter Mossey, Hiroshi Ogawa, Gerhard K. Seeberger, Michael Sereny.

Professor David Williams, one of the co-chairs said: “Vision 2030 outlines the ways in which we can integrate our profession within global development agendas, including the UN Sustainable Development goals and the implementation of universal health coverage, that determine important health priorities.”

Fellow co-chair Professor Michael Glick said: “How can we, as members of the oral health community, anticipate transformational changes and trends in the global healthcare environment? How do we seize opportunities to become productive members of healthcare teams delivering person-centered care? These are some of the broad questions we strive to answer through Vision 2030.”

One of the key issues relates to better integration of oral health within overall health, an ambition that is central to the work currently underway by the MalDent Project team in conjunction with the Ministry of Health & Population and other stakeholders on the Oral Health Policy Taskforce in Malawi. Many of the other principles cited in the FDI Vision 2030 document also resonate with the Maldent Project activities.

We were delighted when we were approached by the Working Group to provide a short Case Study of the MalDent Project for inclusion and here it is:

Both the FDI Vision 2030 report and the oral health resolution adopted by the WHO are very important developments for the enhancement of oral health globally and of very special relevance to the work of the MalDent Project. The web-links in the narrative above to the Vision 2030 report and the WHO resolution provide easy access and are strongly recommended to all who have an interest in this area.

I would like to thank the Vision 2030 Working Group for all their work in producing such an excellent document and for having invited us to provide an illustrative example of some of the principles espoused.

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