A message from our partner Bridge2Aid

Those who are regular readers of our MalDent Project blog will be well aware of the very large role being played by our charity partners Bridge2Aid (B2A) and Smileawi in the work strand to spread messages in rural areas of Malawi about the importance of good oral health and how to achieve it. This forms an important part of the implementation plan for the new National Oral Health Policy which was launched in April this year.

In a recent post compiled by B2A Trustee Andrew Paterson, which you can read here, he explained the programme of cascade training of community-based Oral Health Promoters by Dental Therapists which has now commenced as a joint venture between B2A, Smileawi, the Malawi Government Ministry of Health, the Dental Association of Malawi and the Malawi Red Cross. As part of the ongoing work-stream Shaenna Loughnane, until very recently the CEO of B2A, visited the programme in Malawi and spent several days with Martha Chipanda, the Oral Health Coordinator at the Malawi Government Ministry of Health, who is very involved with, and committed to, the cascade training model.

Martha and Shaenna with friends and family

Immediately after returning from Malawi and with customary energy and enthusiasm, Shaenna was driving north to represent B2A on their stand at the Scottish Dental Show in Glasgow.

Anne Barrow and Shaenna on the Bridge2Aid stand at the Scottish Dental Show

As I was also at the Scottish Dental Show working with the Smileawi team on their stand, which by chance was next to the Dentaid display (another demonstration of the unity among Maldent Project partners!), Shaenna and I had the opportunity for a long chat about her recent visit to Malawi. It was a very uplifting, positive account and since Shaenna has written a blog about her experiences, you can too can share in the story by reading it here. Enjoy!

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