The curriculum development progresses apace

During my recent visit to the College of Medicine, I was provided with a copy of the initial draft of the proposed dental curriculum (BDS draft zero). This had been put together jointly by the College of Medicine and the Dental Association of Malawi.

Curriculum design is underway

The 170 page document reflected a massive amount of work by the teams in Malawi and whilst there was still much to do, it represented a tremendous start. This draft curriculum had been distributed to a range of interested parties for comment and I have subsequently responded as one of the stakeholders.

The end of November is the deadline that has been set for a final version to be ready for submission to the University of Malawi,  allowing sufficient time for scrutiny and approval before a first student intake in the Autumn of 2019.

Last week a local team reviewed the stakeholder comments that had been received and Peter has sent a couple of photographs:

The BDS curriculum review team 


Taking a break from ‘Intended Learning Outcomes’ to admire the view towards Mulanje Mountain

There is to be a further meeting with senior dental personnel from South Africa later in October and a small group from Glasgow Dental School will join the final curriculum conference in Mangochi during the week beginning 26th November 2018.

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