What’s in a logo? MalDent establishes a visual identity.

The MalDent Project is a long term programme and those of us who are involved felt that it was important for the project to have a visual identity. My brother, Simon, is a graphic artist and over the years has completed many design and illustration projects with me linked to academic activities and associated events. We therefore invited him to design a logo that would be associated with the MalDent Project, a challenge which he was delighted to accept.

Those of you who have read the previous post about the recent visit by Ben Macpherson MSP to the College of Medicine campus in Lilongwe may already have spotted the finished article on the roller banner used by Peter to summarise the project. Here it is:

MalDent logo

The two national flags represent the strong partnership working between Malawi and Scotland. The colours of the text tie back to the colours of the flags while the strapline ‘Oral health for all‘ embodies the ambition and philosophy of the project.

A wide variety of designs was produced initially and the final choice was made by the team in Malawi. You will be seeing this logo frequently as the project progresses!

Simon and logo
The artist at work!

3 thoughts on “What’s in a logo? MalDent establishes a visual identity.

  1. Excellent logo! I thought people might be interested to know the meaning of the Malawian Flag.

    Significance: Black represents the people of the Continent of Africa. The Rising Sun represents the dawn of hope and freedom for the whole Continent of Africa. Red represents the blood of the martyrs of African freedom. Green represents the ever green nature of Malawi.

    1. Lisa, Thank you for the above, it is lovely to know the meaning of the Malawian flag and I have now written in down in a little book I keep.

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